How to sign The Pledge

This a short instruction on the steps required in order to sign The Pledge:


At least one coffee you are currently selling must be considered transparent according to the criteria of The Pledge. Coffees are considered transparent if you can provide all the required information stated in the “Commitment” part of The Pledge. Additional information, such as the farmgate price, may of course be published, but are not required. In order to be considered transparent, coffees do not necessarily have to be traded directly.


Transparency information must be publicly accessible on the website and kept up to date.


If not all your coffees meet the transparency requirements, this is not an obstacle. However, you must indicate  the share of transparent coffees (in percent) in relation to the total volume of coffee (in lbs/tonnes) sold in the stated/current year. This period of time could either be 2019 or e.g. the last 12 months. The selected period of time should be indicated and adequately explained.


As soon as you have published the required information, you can contact us via the contact form on the website or write an email to info[at] Please indicate where your transparency information is located by sending an URL. We will then review your published information and let you know if you’re good to go or if we require any further information.


Please also send us your logo so we can use it on the website, social media and on PDF of The Pledge.

In order to be considered transparent, the following information must be available about all the coffees you wish to report on:

  • Name of the producer/producer organization the coffee was purchased from;
  • Free On Board (FOB) price paid for the coffee;
  • Indication of the quality of the coffee, for instance by using the SCA score in order to indicate cup quality;
  • Lot size (volume) of the coffee purchased;
  • Length of the relationship between producer/producer organization and buyer.
  • state the percentage of transparent coffees in relation to the total volume of coffee (in lbs/tonnes) bought in the stated year.

As soon as we have received your application and checked the information, you will be considered a signatory company and your logo will be added to The Pledge. We ask all companies that have signed The Pledge to indicate this on their websites and add a link to (not mandatory).

We also encourage signatories to register all your transparent coffees with Transparent Trade Coffee. It’s a great organization that uses the data to generate useful information for producers, buyers and roasters. We advice you to also check out the “Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide”.

If you have any questions, please contact info[at] or fill out the contact form. We will do our best to answer all your questions and support you in the implementation.