The Pledge
A common code for transparency reporting in green coffee buying
“I believe we are many people in Specialty Coffee who share similar values and want to see the farmers being better off and grow in a financial sustainable direction. The Pledge makes a commitment between roasteries across the globe with exact criteria for transparency that we all sign up to oblige.” – Peter Dupont, The Coffee Collective

“Price transparency is a vital foundation for the transformation needed to address the structural inequities in the coffee value chain. We’re excited to work with other companies who are committed to transparency in order to raise the issue’s visibility and to signal that it’s cooperation, not competition, that’s needed to move forward.”
– Meredith Taylor, Counter Culture Coffee

“I really hope that The Pledge can inspire more roasters to not only be transparent about their green coffee prices but also that farmers can use the information provided in the various transparency reports to have better leverage when negotiating the price of their coffee. Hopefully The Pledge will set a new standard when it comes to transparency and also a new benchmark for what the market price for quality coffee really is.”
– Tim Wendelboe

“To truly build sustainable relationships along the coffee value chain, we need transparency. And that must always mean transparency of green coffee prices. Fortunately lots of folks have realized this and we are now able to build a transparency movement.”
– Andreas “Pingo” Felsen, Quijote Kaffee

“Oscar and I are in Ethiopia right now and it’s mind boggling how the face of farmers lights up when we simply share both our own authenticity report and the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide. This kind of work can only help empower the farmers and will be critical for our long term ability to buy great coffee from fairly compensated farmers.”
– Sebastian Simsch, Seattle Coffee Works

“We are painfully aware that 40 years of fair trade has not done enough to counter the incredible power imbalances in international trade. We are passionate about economic justice and believe that transparency is key in achieving this.”
– Robin Roth, Traidcraft

Our Signatories